Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mr Tony and some of my other beautiful boys.

359 days to go

Mr Tony, legendary tapper and starlette of the year nominee has posted some trailer trash pics at

Don't forget to scroll down under the pictures to see his saucy remarks!

Of course tonight is the night before the glamour puss karaoke luau and academy awards, the golden glammies.It's a night of tension and excitement. I'm expecting Leeza Gibbons or Mary Hart to contact me for the inside scoop any time now. Who will be named jerry Lewis zany and whacky tapper? Who will be the glamour kitten of the year?

The tap dancing world sits poised on one toe ( or leaning on some dirty old bar in the back of Prahran) awaiting the announcements.

Lavish gift bags are said to include chocolate santas and a fried sausage.

I'm off to see Queenie Wahini, my Luau stylist to make that last minute fashion choice - will it be the grass skirt from Hilo Hatties, or the muu muu from rock-a-hula babies that I'll sport on the astro turf of glamour tomorrow night. Perhaps i should wait outside the studio Cher style in the klassy lady, watching everyone else arrive before deciding to put on my bob mackie coconut bra, or my vera wang bridal sarong.

Tune in tomorrow for all the luau action!

The pinata of glamour

360 days to go

I'm blogerati!

just when i thought I was just crapping on to myself daily, six things guru and guest choreographer extraordinaire Mr Peter puts a counter at this here trailer park and I discover you ARE out there - you crazy lurkers!

But in the words of witchy poo from HR Puf'n'stuff, "oranges, poranges, who cares", because I have now met the delightful Mr Will, cousin of famous Glamour Puss Showgirl Miss Cathy (loved the world over for her pinata in the shape of a 1970's platform shoe) and he has proclaimed me BLOGERATI!!!!!

You can visit Mr Will at He appears to be in New York at this very moment (tapping trailer trash tour one day - broadway the next) and has just been to see the great american trailer park musical! I am pea green with envy. I can only hope he picked up a discarded playbill to send home to his dear friend Miss Jane.

I love this crazy town!

361 days to go

ten reasons to consider whipping over to Vegas for a holiday.

1. The Wayne Newton Christmas show

2. 5 cent shrimp cocktails

3. Avenue Q is playing at the new Wynn casino

4. serge's Showgirl wigs is having a sale on the dolly parton range

5. Barry manilow at the Las Vegas Hilton

6. Big Bad Voodoo daddy are performing on New Year's Eve

7. the Liberace Museum

8. The new cique show features showgirls swimming in a giant martini glass

9. Austin Powers slot machines

10. Max Alexander

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Love those umbrellas!

362 days to go

Today is the day i thank our mistresse's o'glamour for all their gorgeous work with a glamorous dinner, and champagne soaked viewing of the rough cut of the show footage before Slim B DeMille whisks it away for editing.

Our menu includes a mediterranean antipasto, baked chicken with a felafel crust accompanied by yoghurt, pilaf and an asparagus salad, and frozen plum pudding.deeeeee-licious! AND so sophisticato!

Look at me, I'm wearings heels! .... and fishnets! ... And Chanel No# 5!

I love these gals (and boy) to bits - they put the G in Glamour Puss Studios, (and the T & A in tap) and added so much to the trailer trash tour with those "new york new york" cameras, "sunday in new york" umbrellas, and "california girls" mexican wave.

Next year we're adding two new mistresses'o'glamour (well, one mistress and one master actually) to our bevy of stars. ooh la la.

Viva la Glamour Puss Studios!

Miss Margot, Miss jane and Miss marilyn in our glamorous dressing room (lip prints from a previous tennant)

Monday, November 28, 2005

363 days to go

Officially 363 days to go - today we received our theatre booking for 2006 - yikes - here we go again!

Good news from the National Theatre is they are building more dressing rooms in time for our 2006 season - yipeee!! There is a very LOW glamour factor in sitting in the orchestra pit for an hour in your undies, or having to hang your costumes in the shower because there's no more hanging space (although I did notate Miss Beris had a nice little private dressing room going in that shower at one point!)

We now have so many gorgeous boys in our entourage that they simply won't squeeze into that principal's dressing room any more - but no matter how glamorous those dressing rooms get, I'll always call the fire escape (just next to the mops) home!

Friday, November 25, 2005

pass my fluffy slippers vont you darlink

364 days to go

Mr Grant surely knows how to treat his woman right.
We have escaped to the BIG CITY where all the fancy folk get around in horseless carriages and eat noodles from a box - what exotic and strange land is this!?

It seems there is life beyond the footlights - who knew!

After a slooooooooooooooow Sunday returning props and cloths and ladders and mirror balls to their rightful spots, I have celebrated my birthday in style by checking into the Crown Towers, closing all the blinds and turning off all the phones - what LUXURY!

AND - get this - you can watch Tv from the spa! have I died and gone to wheel of fortune heaven!?

My gift to myself was a pink robe with marabou trim, and matching pink high heeled slippers trimmed in marabou,from Fredericks of Hollywood, so I could be found clacking around the room Zsa Zsa Gabor style, sipping champagne, and nibbling on $22.00 cashews one minute, or playing relentlessly with the Tv clicker the next - it was like a mini Disneyland!

At midnight we ordered a pavlova from room service - BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

mirror ball roadkill

365 days to go

ten hilarious costume malfunctions that make us glad the whole thing is over ....

1. Miss sarah's fake knockers sliding from under her dress and having to be thrown into the wings mid dance.

2. Miss Jodies space backpack snapping and threatening to fall off mid dance

3. Miss Hannah throwing a shoe and having to dance tapless (better than having to dance topless)

4. Miss Jane's finale headress slipping precariously and threatening to take her polysester hair with it.

5. so many many many droopy boots.

6. Miss helen's toilet paper tucked into her undies (what ... she did it on purpose ??? ... I can't believe it!)

7. The drama of the MISSING LOLLIPOP.

8. those temperamental umbrellas

9. Mr John's stunt bottom causing matinee audiences to fit or go blind.

10. Slim and cheeky only wearing half their costumes on stage - oh, they meant it!? - those saucy old things!

Miss Pam celebrates 50 years in her tap shoes

Matinee and Evening Show

Ten happy memories - in no particular order.....

1. Miss Pam taking a special bow to mark her 50 years in the tap shoes.

2. Miss Mabelline belting out her showstopper.

3. Miss Wendy and Miss Marcia high fiving each other in the TV medley.

4. Auditorium glamour - patrons in feather boas, Ushers clapping along to the finale,programme sellers in glamorous costumes, and Miss caz, Mr warren, and Miss wendy's most excellent trailer set.

5. Everything Miss jeantie even glanced at, and the extra beautiful work of the tappings shirley temples and mini me's.

6. Mr Will in his chicken suit

7. Everything about the picnic in between shows (especially Miss Dot's cakes!)

8. Having Happy Birthday sung to me as the champagne flowed in the foyer after the show.

9. MR GRANT'S SWING DANCING DEBUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10.Being the I in TEAM.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Opening Night or Mardi Gras??

Opening Night!

My head is a blur of showgirls, shoes, and champagne.

We started quietly, calmly hanging costumes, lining up wigs, sticking up running orders, allocating dressing rooms and even taking a break for a little bit of sushi! (actually eating on opening night - that's a first!)

Beautiful flowers arrived from Mr david - early bird showgirls started arriving at the theatre.

Our downstairs dressing room, the National's ballet studios, had been double booked but it was luckily sorted out before the 200 showgirls dressing down there had all arrived.Ballet ladies are scary by the way.

Mr Desley arrived and headed to the box office - all our lovely volunteers were put to work.

Pretty soon it was time for our big warmup to the school anthem, ABBA's dancing Queen. I LOVE the warm-up and always get a bit teary around warmup time. Its almost like accidentally taking half an E when you thought it was your mums sugarine, or finding yourself in the third degree of drunkenness when you just randomly start telling people how much you love them.

Then everyone scuttles back to the dressing room for last minute eyelash glueing, and an uneasy calm hits the stage area (my "dresing room" is, in fact, the emergency fire exit next to the stage with a lightbulb installed - ooh, showbiz glamour)

The doors open and punters file in - all 800 of them - yikes!

Before you know it we get the signal, the curtain comes up and we're into it - before you know it again, we're all in our chicken suits and the curtain is coming down to thunderous applause - before you know it again you're in the bar sipping champagne and hearing how fabulous you were - before you know it again you're tucked up in bed with a smile on your face that just won't fade, and the happy knowledge that you're going to do it all again tomorrow.

Another opening - Another Show - I really do have the best job in the world.

Love those chicken buckets!

One day to go

That was, without a doubt,the smoothest, most professional, quickest, and most glamorous theatre dress rehearsal of all time - Now I can't WAIT until the big show tomorrow night.

Showgirls and psychiatrists the world over have grilled me incessantly about why the finale is a tapping tribute to kentucky fried chicken - surely you just have to see those dancing chips to know why! Complete happy days.

Highlights include Mr Will in his chicken suit, the scooby doo showgirls in their chicken bucket cocktail hats, the secret herbs and spices, the colonel Sanders face masks and for no clear reason at all, a chorus line of mini mouses (are they called mini mice?)

You can tell you have a good show when the jaded old techs get into it - they love it, and are going waaaaay beyond the call of duty with their glamorous lighting design.

The costumes are pressed - the wigs are brushed - the tap shoes are polished.

One sleep to go - I feel sick!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

glamour puss box office - mr french speaking

Two days to go

The phones are ringing HOT with all of Melbourne's tap afficianados keen not to miss out on the highlight of the tap dancers year - US!

Oh how I dream of adding $7.00 to the price of the tickets and handing it all over to ticketek, but alas, in the interests of reasonably priced show tickets we process almost 2500 tickets ourselves in our little ticketing sweatshop formerly known as my dining room - now an unrecognisable sea of credit card slips and calculators.(you know i can only count to eight without the aid of an abacus or a minion)

As we reach each sales goal we can afford to add something else to the show - a mirror ball or glamorous backdrop here - a smoke machine or cordless microphone there.

Three full houses, and I'll be flying into the show sitting on an illuminated crescent moon, as tinsel canons and pyrotechnics go off!

So Call me punters - call me now!

Monday, November 21, 2005

get hip to that timely trip

Three days to go

My last night of teaching at Richmond for this year - double boo hoo hoo.

Man, it was CHAOS in there tonight with classes running in both studios, our tapping TV's having a sheltered workshop for the hot glue gun challenged, Slim dropping in to serenade his Route 66 Lolitas, and seven hundred props having to be packed for travel before we left. Phewee.

Was it really me who instigated the "more is more" rule? What was i thinking?

mrs johnson, you're wearing your dresses way too high

Four days to go

Today marks the start of my last week of teaching for 2005 - boo hoo hoo.

We're really ready to just do the show now. We're loving ourselves sick after that fabulous dress rehearsal and only have a few wardrobe malfunctions, some tricky exits and entrances, and a couple of grey areas to iron out!

The My Sharonas have captured the essence of the entire show with their psychadelic trailer camp tramp mini skirts and Barbara Eden hairdos, and I can't wait to see 73 year old Miss Pam as the teenage daughter in harper valley PTA - what a superstar!

Floral undies just won't do

five days to go

My show undies have arrived!

Every showgirl knows that a pair of pilled floral undies that have been through the dryer one too many times simply won't do for a glamorous extravaganza such as ours. And with that klassy trailer trash theme you can be fairly sure that the undies will be flashed once or twice, whether by design or by accident, before the season is through.

I like to order my undies from Fredericks of Hollywood. Ooh la la! You can order your fishnets from there too - just go to and close your eyes when you convert the American dollars back into Australian (ouch!)

Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Ethel Merman has had her knockers reigned in by Fredericks, so why should I be the exception! Next time you're in LA you simply MUST visit their bra museum - of course ANY museum informing you of Divine's bra size is educational, but there's also nothing like sifting through the undies of the rich of famous!

Friday, November 18, 2005

I love a big finale

six days to go

Richmond was awash with sequins and KFC buckets today as we ran through our first big dress rehearsal - phewee - 300 showgirls (and boys), 600 tap shoes, 1000 costumes. It's a big freakin' show.
Squeezing everyone into studio two for the finale was like squeezing six sumo wrestlers into a mini minor (I know, because I'm often found squeezing sumo wrestlers into mini minors)
Absolute beginners were like deers in the headlights as more experienced showgirls wrestled their way to their entrance, leaving feathers and showgirl roadkill in their wake.
Naturally the finale is a finely tuned exercise in precision with 10 new dancers enetering the stage area every ten seconds until 300 stars are on stage, each with a KFC bucket, rubber chicken, or refresher towelette.
Best show ever.
Complete happy days.

there are swingers in the trailer park

Thursday, November 17, 2005

7 days to go

The swingers are in!!I thought they might all be busy throwing their car keys in a bowl, or teetering around the sunken conversation pit with a brandy ballon of cognac, wearing their maribou high heels and baby doll lingerie, but NO! The glamour puss swingers will be strutting their stuff in the tapping trailer trash tour.

Even Mr Grant will be doing a dance - ooh, exciting!

Tricky aerial manouvres here we come - ever so exciting!

Geniuses at work

eight days to go

The programmes have arrived - hooray! Miss Kerrie has done an amazing job, and we have managed to incorporate some hilarious trailer trash pictures that everyone from Miss caz to Miss mary-ana have provided me with, and we even have a glamorous portrait of colonel sanders in there. There's nothing it hasn't got!

Our Miss Trailer Trash beauty queen sash tee shirts are now being seen on all of Melbourne's fashionistas, but I think my favourite tee model so far has been Mr Slim.

Most importantly though, the brilliant design team of Miss Cazz, Mr Warren, and Miss Wendy have finished the Klassy lady trailer set. I havent been allowed to see the final product, but I believe it has its own awning, and FAIRY LIGHTS! I'm wetting my pants as we speak!

give me back my spoons

9 days to go

Last night the mini me's were doing their black and white minstrel show impersonation, tap dancing and playing the spoons, when a local resident popped in unnanounced with a visiting tourist from Prague, and started taking photos of themselves in the studio, and with the kids dancing in the background. How bizarre!

Then, when the kids took a break, they STOLE one of the spoons as a souvenir and ran away! I had to chase them down the street in my taps shoes to retrieve it!

Random freaks often like to drop in to the studio. One idiot savant comes in occasionally and tells me how much he loved me in the 1955 movie Calamity Jane, and then reels off my other movie credits such as "Pillow talk" and "Please don't eat the daisies". HELLO. I'm Not Doris Day! (I only wish I was)

Once a man walked into the studio with a bucket of sand and said "how much is the sand"? $2.00 I said, and then he left.

On Monday a dirty rotten scoundrel handed me ten credit cards and said "can you look after these?" and ran away. The lovely Miss Danielle dropped them off at the police station on her way home from class and was grilled about the identity of the aforementioned scoundrel at length!

Oh what a den of iniquity we have at Glamour Puss Studios - and you thought it was all about the tap dancing!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

missjane, I've rinsed your smalls.

ten days to go

with ten days to go, here are ten things that happen in stage shows in the movies that have never happened to me.

1. dressing room full of flowers and large floral horse shoes being delivered by the minute

2. Montage of various newspapers twirling in a circle with rave reviews on the front cover two minutes after the show finishes

3. A standing ovation involving flowers being tossed on to the stage

4. Thelma Ritter washing my undies backstage making wise cracks as she goes

5.Several leggy showgirls dressed as dutch milkmaids loitering backstage who are never actually seen on stage.

6. Gene kelly desperately searching me out telling that Miss Vera Lamont can't go on, and I'm the only one who knows the dances and can take her place.

7. Stage door johnnies loitering in the lane waiting to shower me with diamonds

8.Diners stand and applaud as i enter the galleon for a hamburger straight after the show.

9. Someone from the Morris Agency is waiting backstage with a fat contract as soon as I step off stge

10. Fred Astaire plucks me from the audience and even though I've never seen the dance before, am a little shy, and stumble for the first two bars, after that I seem to know it perefctly, complete with blocking and aerial manouvres.

karaoke luau here we come

11 days to go

In a moment of sheer determination I have, today, thought of something other than the show for more than 30 seconds.
It is easy to put off the dentist or your yearly underpants areas checkup and use the show as an excuse, but I'm afraid the Glamour Puss Studios Christmas Party simply must be put on high alert.
Jumping castle or no jumping castle -to fairy floss or to BBQ - should karaoke be involved - these are all taxing questions which can no longer be delayed.
Luckily my life long love affair with the coconut bra has come to my aid, and the Luau motif has been set.
Of course I have the happiest of memories of our jumping castle parties - the image of sitting on Mr Peter's face and snapping his glasses in half, and of Miss nadia in the inflatable boxing ring toppling out of it backwards under the weight of those giant gloves go into the good times department, but then again, watching Miss mabelline belt out Proud mary, or Mr Eric and Mr Slim re-living an Elton John and Kiki Dee duet on the karaoke is also hard to beat.
So the karaoke is a definite, and if we sell enough show tickets we might be able to have a BBq AND some fairy floss!

Is that kosher?

12 days to go

Our PR gurus Miss Katrina and Miss Michelle are in full swing, delivering KFC buckets full of spam and press releases across the land. Showgirl Miss Debby is championing the cause by arranging a high profile photo story in the Jewish News. Naturally they would like to highlight Jewish Glamour Kittens, but I am having trouble thinking of who they might be! If only I'd added that religion question to the enrolment form.
Luckily Miss Debby seems to have her finger on the pulse of the underground Jewish Glamour Kitten community, and has rounded up a bevy of gals for the pic. I only hope I have someone as resourceful on hand when the Catholic Times come knocking!

Beware the evil internet twin

13 days to go

Our entire 300 showgirls (and boys) seem to be in a costume frenzy. Now is the time we all give praise at the alter of the hot glue gun in the chapel of the safety pin.

Some classes such as the "shave'n'style kens" are blessed with a costume guru like Miss Robin, whom they adore, and who whips up fabulous designs for the entire class that they all always love. Her can-can dresses were the talk of the school last year, and her 2005 1950's diner collection is totally superb!

Not all classes are this lucky of course and politics, usually accompanied by a torrent of e-mail can ensue. The glamour kittens have lovely showgirl manners which can cause them not to speak their mind in group discussions, but like Samantha's evil brunette twin on Bewitched, the sparks can fly when it comes to the information superhighway.

At the end of the day, however, we are all aiming for the same goal, and by dress rehearsal day the argument over whether the silver disco sequins should be adhered to a black background or a white background are all but forgotten.

As a veteran of several leotarded, tight bunned dance academys I can say that the costume confrontations at Glamour Puss Studios are quite insignificant and few and far between, and almost always end in a laugh and a glass of champagne. I have seen some doozies at other un-named dance schools in my time, usually involving a size six teacher giving a size sixteen showgirl a pair of latex hot pants and a midriff halter top to wear in the show.

Here at Glamour Puss studios we have No black eyes yet, just a few temporary thin lips.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

No floral undies if you have to bend over in a mini skirt

14 days to go

What I love about St Kilda is that you could have a shag in the street, walk around with no pants on, or talk loudly to your imaginary friend whilst squeezing a grapefruit in safeway, and no one would blink an eye.
Yesterday half a dozen trailer trash showgirls had their photo taken for a story that's going into the local paper.
The photo was hilarious, with us all piled into Mr Grants Mustang convertible, kneeling on the back seat facing the back and draping across the back of the car porn style. Cleavage for days. Sequinned mini skirts and top hats. No complaints.
The photographer kept urging us all to lean further out of the car towards the back. I can only imagine the view from the front of the car as all six sequinned skirts were hitched almost to our waists, and our arses were hanging out for the world to see. Oh, and the location was one of st Kildas busiest streets.
Did anyone toot their horns as they drove past? Nope. Did anyone make a remark as they walked by? Nope.I shouldn't be surprised. The large man wearing a pink knitted skirt and playing the ukelele down the road could have been invisible as well. aaah, st kilda!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A grey blob to you - a vintage airstream trailer to me

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

15 days to go

Action Stations!
My persoanl attache Miss Eunice is tearing the hair from her tightly wound bun, there is so much going on this week!
Our channel 31 ad hits the airwaves today! (thanks miss margot)
The show programme has gone to the printer (thanks Miss kerrie) The show tee shirts have arrived (thanks miss kerrie again) Glamour Puss glamour false eyelashes are selling like hot cakes (have i thanked miss kerrie yet), the running order is confirmed (phew), the first dress rehearsal is this saturday (yikes). We have a photo shoot for the Port Phillip Leader tomorrow (exciting - thanks Miss katrina and Miss Michelle) and we don't have that many tickets left to sell (double exciting - thankyou tap dancing fans across the nation)
Our press kits go out tomorrow - they will be delivered in kentucky fried chicken buckets and contain spam, microwave popcorn and beef jerky along with our sexy press release - totally superb.
All that AND Miss cazz, Miss wendy and Mr warren have nearly finished our glamorous trailer park set - now if I could only find my tyre swan I would be in trailer trash heaven! Pass the valium Eunice.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

trailer trash trailer pash - and now she wears leotards!

16 days to go

A little over two weeks until the curtain goes up on our most extravagant tap dancing extravaganza ever, and like clockwork, I have a horrid flu and have lost my voice! Clearly I've yelled 5,6,7,8 over the clacking of 40 tap shoes just one too many times! I've resorted to a set of finger cymbals to gain attention in class, and am thinking of taking up every dancers nightmare - the STICK. The STICK, a particular favourite with dance teachers everywhere can not only be used to drum out a beat, but can quickly whack the backs of legs before anyone much has noticed, can reach and slap hands that are not in formation, and if you add a string of pearls, and a top hat, can go from daywear to the stage with very little effort.

Actually,i believe the STICK alone can be attributed to the demise of many childhood dancers - that and the leotard, which will be going to its own special hell - that reserved for the fashions of Vanilla Ice and Rose Porteous.

By the way, is madonna bringing back the leotard in her newest filmclip?? Please kill me now.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Chita Rivera hits Broadway - Glamour Kittens hit St Kilda

17 days to go

Inspiration du jour: My internet boyfriend, Gorgeous George, who lives in glamorous Hollywood (of course), went to see Miss Chita Rivera in her last out of town performance of "A Dancer's Life" before it hits Broadway.
Besides having the best showgirl name ever, Miss Chita was in the original West Side Story, and her showgirl pins and sassy moves have been on our minds as we Glamour Kittens hammer out our own routine to "I Want To Live in America" for the Tapping Trailer Trash Tour.
"Chita is a goddess" I dictated to my personal secreatry Miss Eunice, who quickly passed on the message to George via cyberspace. What's not to love about her in "Sweet Charity", and then in "Chicago" 40 years later?
Now get this - not only did George hobnob with several showbiz personalities, including George Chakiris and Tony Mordente from the original West Side Story, but he actually met up with Miss Chita after the show, and TOLD HER ALL ABOUT THE TAPPING GLAMOUR KITTENS AND THE TAPPING TRAILER TRASH TOUR!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, we are internationally known to Gypsy royalty! "Miss Jane told Miss Eunice to tell me to tell you that you are a GODDESS" said George to Miss Chita.
"No, no, SHE is the goddess" said Miss Chita, and signed an autograph to me saying as much! (pinch me now)
Miss Chita's show ends with a ritzy rendition of "All That Jazz", and as anyone who has had too many martinis with me knows, after the seventh one I can always be found recreating Fosse choreography either on top of, or under, the table (see six things entry for October 29).

Chita and me .... best friends!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Elvis had his Colonel, and I have mine.

18 days to go

In the words of Marilyn Monroe (in "Theres No Business Like ShowBusines, Twentieth Century Fox, 1954), "We're havin' a heatwave, a tropical heatwave". Last night at our gorgeous yet steamy richmond studio we had major tap intensive. It may have been 30 degrees outside, but I'm sure it was about 45 inside!

The Melbourne Cup may be the race that stops the nation, but it can't stop 50 anxious showgirls, who all put in 110% over four hot but productive hours. Our last two production numbers are now in show mode, and the only casualties are one pulled groin, one broken tap shoe, and the stereo blew up!

In other news, my latest purchase, a vintage copy of "Disneyland's Elegant Book Of Manners" provides many eye popping tips for the trailer trash amongst us (and all rhyming!)- todays advice -

When you handle food, some of it lingers,
But you must never lick it from your fingers.
We say it now, as we said before,
"that's what the napkin's invented for."

The napkin is to clean yourself,
As you will soon perceive.
You can use it to wipe your face and mouth,
Instead of using your sleeve.

I don't think the colonel would have invented the term "finger lickin' good" if that were true Mr Disney!
- and everyone knows the sleeve is for wiping your nose!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All hail the Sweet Sherries

19 days to go

The gorgeous Mr Nigel dropped in to the studio the other day. Mr Nigel was in the first ever class when Glamour Puss Studios opened in the year 213 BC. He reminded me that his class had been called the tapping shilalees - happy days - happy memories (I remember they did a gorgeous tap dance to Sister Janet Meade's big hit "The Lords Prayer")

Giving each troupe its own showbiz moniker has been one of the funnest part of my gruelling career as tap dancing head mistress to the stars.

All St Kilda classes start with the letter "S" - the sizzling swizzlesticks, the shoe biz shoe gals, the shave'n'style kens etc etc etc

All Richmond classes start with the letter "R" - the retro exoticas, the Rosie the Robots and the Ravishing Roulettes.

Long time classes such as the Sweet Sherries, the My Sharonas, and the Reg Grundys are now know to our audiences, and you can hear a murmur of anticipation whenever they're about to hit the stage (this particularly applies to the sweet sherries who seem to have a world wide fan club!)

As we head towards our big extravaganza, we welcome aboard our newest tappers - The Root'n'Tooters at Richmond on Thursday nights, and the Swanky Pankys at St Kilda on Tuesday nights.

Cherish your stage names, and hopefully get into it as much as the spicy shishkabobs, who have their own class logo - a chorus line of showgirls pierced together with a big skewer!

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